My Mind

Misunderstandings can happen at any time. Take today’s conversation about a young couple who had bought their first home. They were blessed with the youth gene, and it made them look younger than their already young age so when they moved in the neighbors questioned the wife about it.

She assured them that she bought the house- not inherited it and that she had moved in with her husbands.

OK- that’s not what she said, but what I heard.

MY MIND: And the neighbors were concerned about how young she was. That will make them think twice!

The Lost Blogs

I have discovered that some of my blogs are missing … where they have gone, I do not know … along with what I posted. Just like my mind, I have no idea of what was said days ago. But I have figured out that the postings were done on my iPad which has a tendency to lose internet connections making me reset the thing.

So now I have a choice – do I go back and fill in the missing days just to be OCD or leave it alone because it would break the rule of being random. I’m so conflicted!