Look what crawled in

Tonight as I opened my pill drawer to refill my weekly medicine box I was greeted by an old friend. I have not seen this spider for some time (almost 20yrs) but he has been known to affectionately show up in strange places. This “little guy” has been moving around from family member to family member for over four decades and I’m so glad he is back. He actually had me in tears – of joy not fear- to see him again. A great find to start my Halloween trickery!

What’s that sound

This summer has been a lone hot one with many fires. Even in the past few days we have still had to deal with smoke from prescribed burns, making the air quality poor and our homes covered in ash.

Tonight an old familiar sound rumbled in the sky and began to play upon on roof and windows. Dirk walked in very seriously, “I’m sure I’ve heard that sound before but I can’t remember when.”

Yah for rain!

Camping part 4

We could have stayed longer if we had not lost our food, fishing equipment and patience with sleeping in the horse trailer. We didn’t want to push our luck and we wanted to have time to replace our equipment and still get some fishing in. For those of you have been keeping up on this blog you know how that turned out! For the last Facebook Camping Vlog click here.

Here is me and the dogs soaking in the morning sun.

Interesting man we found lurking in the forest.

Although the sunset was pretty we left here very gum-smacked and unsure if we would come back. On careful consideration we have decided – Challenge Excepted! We will be back for that fish!

Camping part 3

Day three was a much better day. As you can see by the Facebook Camping Vlog. Well … except for Dirk who lost his fish. Slipped right through his fingers. (Name that movie reference)

Hickory is usually running around crazily but when it comes time to fish will get very vigilant and patient. It’s one of the rare times we will see her still. Guess we need to more fishing.

The horses get to graze in a nice meadow just down from the lake while we are there and cause mischief. *shakes head in disbelief * Be sure to watch the Vlog till the end.

Maybe it’s us

I’m not posting about the camping trip today because I have to share what happened today. First of all because of Whiskey we had to replace most of our fishing gear, so we spent the morning and afternoon at Cabela’s replacing and updated. By the time we got out of there we had spent $150 and we were ready to fish!

So we drove up to a new lake for us. It was windy but we didn’t care- we wanted to fish. Dirks first cast in was instantly taken. But that were all the good ends.

Soon after that my new reel got tangled – took me awhile to fix it, then the fish just keep playing with me. Would chase the lure, maybe peck at it but no takers. I decided to try one of Dirk’s new spinners – Bam! Fish on! When we went to release the bastard he wiggled the hook into my thumb!

Because of my hypersensitivity- well, let’s just say I was done. We were lucky to have a trolling fisherman nearby that happen to be an RN. So after the removal ordeal Dirk goes back to fishing while I watch and take pictures. Good thing I did because it the only record we will have that he ever had a pole and reel.

He went to clean out the fish and his pole was resting on the bank one second and gone the next. Shot like a rocket into the depths of the lake! What ever took the bait must have been big cause it was gone like lightning. He said he has never seen anything like it.

As we were driving home we realized that no matter where we go we always have an adventure. We are beginning to wonder if it’s not just fate.