What the?!

So I didn’t post last night- which is weird because my husband and I had this great long discussion about Bipolar symptoms, which I was sure I shared with you – so here I go again- for real.

I’m currently having what I call ‘solar withdrawal’ – since the earth’s tilt is taking my source of power from me. It’s not a full on depression but more of a loss of willpower. I have no motivation, can’t concentrate and I am beginning to sleep more. 

Now we can add forgetfulness.

Friday the 13th

Two strange things happened today, one involved my water tank for my animals – which we had cleaned last week and again two days ago – it was full of bugs! More than one kind! Had to spend two hours with bleaching the tank clean to make sure all larvae was killed. The second weird thing – we can’t find my husband’s glasses- that are always on/or next to the bed (he only wears them at night) – searched all around/under and in the bedroom but they can’t be found. Strange.

Pain in the…

Got my teeth cleaned the other day and I was reminded that I needed to wear my mouth guard- since I’ve been so stressed out my teeth have become loose in my gums – cleaning them became very painful. To top off my horrible, hungry day – I couldn’t sleep well – not use to the mouthpiece and woke up with a bad neck crimp and headache. 

Have mercy!


When every we watch movies for the first time that our children have seen, we can’t get through it without their remarks. So we end up missing something or finding out before we should. 

My oldest is behind on Game of Thrones so we have been watching the episodes with her and taking the time to hint about upcoming events. This is so much fun!