Today a conversation about psychiatrists and psychologists came up. While both are there to help with mental problems, their approach are different. Psychiatrists work more on the chemistry side while psychologists handle the emotional.

Psychiatrists have not changed my prescriptions for fifteen years because we discovered that my chemistry is very sensitive and although it may not be perfect it’s what works best for me. The old adage “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” says a lot.

I see psychologists more as a “life coach” to help us navigate a path to better us. I know that the road will be long and winding and there will be times when I may need to look back at the map we have planned out or plan a reroute but I don’t need a backseat driver. I also don’t feel the need to check in at every gas station and complain/boast about where I have been. Now if I’m ever in an accident that I can’t continue I’ll head back in and reassess my trip.

Please keep in mind that this was not a spur of the moment thing, it took a lot of planning and many trial and errors before I learned to drive my mental highway. In fact I remember I was crawling along the side at first. lol

Hot mess

Because it’s Fair time I’ve been in a crafty mood. Which has also put me in pain. I didn’t know you could be out of shape for arts and crafts but my body is screaming in pain from just sitting on the floor and glueing. Didn’t help that I keep getting the hot glue on my fingers and at one point I dropped the glue gun on my bare foot. I need a safer hobby.

A tail

The other day while I was hanging out at the park I had an encounter with a rat. That rat didn’t really scare me, he was going about his day eating the left over birdseed that had been scattered all over along with the ducks. He would get a mouth full and scamper of to the tree and after watching him do this a couple times I turned my attention back to the pond.

Even though it was warm I had found a nice spot on a picnic bench inches from the water and was enjoying the shade when said rat tried to run past me. It could have been a bunny and I still would have jumped- I wasn’t expecting him to go between me and the water. Well my jump scared the poor rat and he leaped away from me – landing in the pond. Did a complete 180. Now he’s swimming back to his tree- doing some really nice power dives but he comes up under a duck! The duck goes flying out quacking and spraying water everywhere- but not before he dances on the rats head as he he escapes for his tree.

You be the judge

I’ve narrowed my selections down to six photos. There are two contests- one is ‘anything goes’ (allowed 2 entries) and the other is “Life in Box Elder County” (only 1 entry). For life in my county I am deciding between two.

1. The Silage Truck

2. She Got Her Fish

Both of these are also illegible for the ‘anything goes’. Here are the other four I have picked out for the fair.

3. Got Mud?

4. Yosemite River

5. Tiny Raptor aka Blue

6. Rees Park Pond

Just don’t

After the wedding yesterday we spent the evening looking for wildlife (we saw 3 bears and 1 elk), watching stars (saw two falling and 1 flash) and overall enjoying the views and company- until I made an inappropriate comment.

Me: You know what make this evening perfect- if we had some lightning. Come on Lord, show me you love and let’s see some lightning!

Dirk: Thou shall not tempt thy Lord thy God.

This all happened before I posted last night and before we settled down into our tent. Note that we are settled over plywood and because of this we didn’t staked it down.

We went to bed about 10:30 and I was about to fall asleep around midnight when a very large thunderstorm moved. I could see the lightning all around us at first it was cool then it started to get closer. Then the wind and rain hit! The wind collapsed our tent on top of us and tried to lift us off the boards! I had to grab the pole and hold it down hoping that the rain fly would stay attached. We struggled for a half hour like that- lightning, thunder, wind and rain beating all around us.

After things settled down a bit I checked the weather for what was to come and lightning strikes. These are all hits within a mile off us.

We only had enough time to check and re-situated before the next barrage hit.

After that Dirk reminded and rebuke me for my earlier comment.

Me: Lord I recognize your love and appreciation it. I have enough now, you can share with others.

Well the lightning dimensioned after that but we still had to deal with thunderstorms till 3am.