Home improvement

Since my health has taken a front seat to everything our five acres have become wild and unruly- that includes our house. I’m slowly gaining control which is helping my OCD. It’s almost freeing to organize and deep clean everything! Yes – the manic mood has set in and now my body has to try and keep up. I’m still going to bed sore and worn out but now I feel like it’s worth it.

I seize you

Manic mood has taken oven now that I am solar charged and I’m fine as long as I keep moving but as soon as I stop my back seizes up and it takes me almost a half hour to get moving again.

By the way my doctor said I aggravated my old rib injury -it was out again and my back was completely locked up. Good news is we got rid of the overall pain and now it’s just located in one place. lol 😂


My Mind is thinking about 15 different things, wants to accomplish 8 tasks, is regretting 3 recent things and wants my physical body to keep up with it and I just woke up from the last exhausting nap it put me in.

Me: *Takes an imaginary lasso catches my loose mind reals her in and hog ties her down. * Stop that you’re driving insane! … oh wait never mind.

Dirk who is sitting on the bed watching me looks at me and says. “I wasn’t going to say anything.”