30 years ago I saw an unknown boy sitting in the front row of our church- at the time I was 15 and bold- after church was over I promptly went up and introduced myself, welcoming him to our small valley and invited him to our upcoming celebrations, including a personal horseback ride. By the time the Forth of July was over I had a new pen pal and admirer.

5 years later after many letters, dates and long conversations we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. That was 25 years ago- it has not been easy- but because we love each other and want to understand each other we have continued to grow closer.

I love you honey- Happy Anniversary!

Know your place

Watching the episode of Dr Quinn – the one where they are trying for a baby. Kaylie and I start talking about the process.

Kaylie: when I have kids I’m not going to worry about the timing.

Me: that’s what your father and I did. We told the Lord it was in His hands and just enjoyed ourselves. Of course He thought we were having too much fun and sent you.

Kaylie: *laughing comically * no more excitement for you two for the next eighteen years!

Me: *looks at her seriously* and just how old are you?

Kaylie: *stops laughing * I have never felt more unwanted.

Me: * laughs hysterically *

Happy Dance

We are so blessed. After much worrying and stress over our future, my husband got a job, starting Monday. He wasn’t even out of work – he’s been doing side jobs over the pass week and I still plan to go work at the local Hot Springs for a few hours. This will help clear up some remaining debts (the new air conditioner/furnace, waterline, ect.) and keep our expenses down.

Anxiety overload 

It finally hit me today. As I was preparing to post the sales video of the horses.

I need to sell these horses. I might have to get another part time job- an official one. The last time I worked was about 15 years ago and I literally couldn’t go to work anymore. I had a mental breakdown from all the stress. Company loyalty means nothing nowadays- proof- seeing my husband who built his company’s IT from the ground up 19 years ago now putting together a resume hoping all that he has accomplished will be worth something to someone. 

We are at the mercy of politicians,  economics and capitalism.