A small village

On December 26, 2016 I officially started this blog. The intention was to prove that there was humorous side to mental and physical anguish. Not an easy task, but I like a challenge. Last night I realized that I’m steadily growing in followers, nothing dramatic but impressive to me considering I don’t advertise.

It reminded me of a saying- If you make one person happy every day in five years you would have brighten up a small village.

Thank you for being my village.

Please no spoilers

I’ve started watching Downton Abby and find myself pulled into the time. My old fashion ideas would fit nicely there but I’m afraid that like so many women I would not have survived childbirth. If my childhood had allowed me to even get to that age – medicines and the practices of the time could not have saved me and I know that during that era many were without the understanding of mental illness as we know it today. Think how much has changed in the last 100 year.

(I’m only on season 4 so don’t tell me how it ends.)

Drug induced coma

I’m in the process of lowering one of my medications, since it’s causing the auditory hallucinations and many other known side effects – sleepiness being one of the other problems I’m facing.

I was eagerly surprised that I woke up so early this morning – thinking I could get somethings done but alas life was put on hold again an hour and a half later…. zzz.

This is crippling

I have found a way to explain my audio hallucinations – I can’t tell if the sound is in my head or out. So if I start singing along to a song because I think I hear it on the radio when it’s really playing in my head – that is a problem. When I hear my dog whinny to come in and nobody else does – that’s a problem. The fact that I have to ask other “did you hear that” is something I didn’t expect to do until I was old and senile.