All’s fair

When have started planning for our annual Turklay Shoot and are trying to gather ideas for  new games and prizes. Last year we introduced a speed round where you have 60 seconds to shoot as many clay targets as possible (while reloading) – it was very exciting and comical to watch. I would love to have the winner get a sign that said – All’s fair in the load and pull.


I’m not a big political follower- it stresses me out too much, but can someone please explain why in today’s society where tolerance is being slammed at us – that if you express your point of view of a situation- how is it that you are call intolerant? We are being told we have to think/do it one way – how is that not hypocritical? Can we not learn from each other’s experiences and understand that not all of us are alike- one size does not fit all.

That goes for medication too – just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for the next.

What the?!

So I didn’t post last night- which is weird because my husband and I had this great long discussion about Bipolar symptoms, which I was sure I shared with you – so here I go again- for real.

I’m currently having what I call ‘solar withdrawal’ – since the earth’s tilt is taking my source of power from me. It’s not a full on depression but more of a loss of willpower. I have no motivation, can’t concentrate and I am beginning to sleep more. 

Now we can add forgetfulness.

Friday the 13th

Two strange things happened today, one involved my water tank for my animals – which we had cleaned last week and again two days ago – it was full of bugs! More than one kind! Had to spend two hours with bleaching the tank clean to make sure all larvae was killed. The second weird thing – we can’t find my husband’s glasses- that are always on/or next to the bed (he only wears them at night) – searched all around/under and in the bedroom but they can’t be found. Strange.

Pain in the…

Got my teeth cleaned the other day and I was reminded that I needed to wear my mouth guard- since I’ve been so stressed out my teeth have become loose in my gums – cleaning them became very painful. To top off my horrible, hungry day – I couldn’t sleep well – not use to the mouthpiece and woke up with a bad neck crimp and headache. 

Have mercy!