Yes I know I didn’t post yesterday- I was too stressed to find anything humorous. Today I’m just tired. The MRI was nerve racking but I got through it. The genetic results were interesting- that’s the best way I can explain them since I’m still trying to understand them. But for the most part they confirmed what we already figured out over the past 15 years. I don’t do well with most medications. My list of available meds is much smaller than my unacceptable. Which should make finding the right “new” prescription easy.

A small village

On December 26, 2016 I officially started this blog. The intention was to prove that there was humorous side to mental and physical anguish. Not an easy task, but I like a challenge. Last night I realized that I’m steadily growing in followers, nothing dramatic but impressive to me considering I don’t advertise.

It reminded me of a saying- If you make one person happy every day in five years you would have brighten up a small village.

Thank you for being my village.