And the doctor said …

After another sweaty cold sleepless night I decided it was time to go back into the doctor – so sure that he wa going to say it was bronchitis or phenomena. I was in luck – it was only an ear infection.

Which explains the headaches, dizziness, nauseousness and sweating ๐Ÿ˜…. 

One of these days

Another stressful day and I thought I was going to have to go to bed ranting but I found the humor of the day. 

When it came time for me to go pickup the paperwork from the dealership I wanted to make sure I could stay calm and focused, not break down into tears or unleash furry on them – which was likely to happen in quick cycles- so I decided to dress for success. I was so tired of being walked on I figured it was my turn- out came my boot!

IT sucks

If anyone knows of an easy, free editing program for iPad, with royalty free music please let me know. I just spent all day trying to create two sixty seconds videos for the barn. (Or if you know a way to download royalty free music.) 

If I wasn’t so dependent on my technology I would have thrown it out into my pasture and let the horses stampede it.

And now the other shoe

Got a call from my oldest today- she might have to move back in with us. Her roommate has ditched her payment again and announced that she leaving in three days, leaving Kaylie’s bank account drained and with no way to afford the rent on her own.

I don’t remember auditioning for a soap opera.