Fair to Poor

Well I’m all faired out, crafted out and worn out. Now that I’ve got all our exhibits back I’m exhausted. I want to do more painting but my body can not stay awake.

The joys of the downhill roller coaster ride. At this point all I can do is throw my hands in the air and wait for the upswing! Whee!

Antisocial Alert

Today was one of those days- every stupid remark or dog stare was pissing me off. Dirk made the comment that I needed to turn off the TV so it could stop irritating me and I realized that I should probably be in my room. But really- if you move to a third world country how are earth can you be not aware of the living conditions and cost. Sometimes I wonder how theses couples were expecting – and how do they have gull to be offended when there is not electricity or running water? Do they think they are gods living better than the inhabitants?

Beating the pavement

Our little trucks transmission is going out and we are starting the search for its replacement. It’s 17 years old and has a few dents and rusted spots but still get us to hear and there (within 20 miles) without grumbling. It’s been a great little truck. My girls grew up in the back of that Ranger into the front seats. We’ve been on many camping, 4-digging, and horseback riding trip (the reason the transmission is going- sorry baby red). It’s still our go to vehicle for quick trips to town or Sunday drives in the hills. Well it was- now I’m out looking for a replacement and not happy with my options.