20/20 hindsight

The past few days has been emotionally draining. Trying to get out what I’m thinking and feeling has been hard and I also had to deal with another manic issue- my mother.

It got me thinking about when I was a kid. My mom always said I wore my heart on my sleeve and was too emotional. There were times when I would absolutely flip and lock myself in my room until my mom would push her way in and sit on me.

It suddenly dawned on me that not only was I dealing with my own bipolar illness but was probably feeding off of my mothers manic episode.

I’ve entered the Twilight Zone

As I stated before I was on a rescue mission where I helped get my friend out of a domestic situation. Yesterday was a long day of traveling, with what felt like a small Noah’s Ark- two adults, two dogs and two cats all crammed into the front of the Uhaul. I was exhausted and emotional by the time I got home. The trip had been a miracle.

It’s amazing how things work out. My friend, Karlene, aka- Kar, has been dealing with major health issues for the last few years and was waiting for an official diagnosis of her neurological issues. What she needed was love and support, but instead got judgment and verbal abuse. When her ex started stealing her pain management pills to get high, she had enough. 

As my husband and I were working on how to get me down there I suddenly realized that my mom was on her way to California.  It worked out even better than I had thought because my mom had actually booked a room in Mesquite, and when things escalated she was able to help with the packing, loading and hotel rooms for Kar and her animals. Yesterday we traveled back to northern Utah after parting with my mom, arriving late in the day at her mom’s house after many leg stretches and potty stops. Where her mom, children and grandchildren happily greeted her, with love.

Today I wasn’t able to go down to help unload the truck because of the many service people coming, so I was surprised when I got a call very early from Kar- Murphy was not done with her. Her brother who was on hospices passed away in the middle of the night and her mom was heartbroken. Kar was so grateful that she was there for her mom, and she would need to be because the day was not over. Later that afternoon I got a text saying – “can’t make this shit up. mom just got a 30 day notice from the landlord.” – the reason was because they are selling the house.

I’m still trying to pick myself up off the floor. Our problems seem so distant now.

You Know It’s a Good Joke When

The good humor was still rolling from the movie when my oldest daughter brought up the subject of my father’s stunted finger. Because it was cut off by a skill saw some years back the finger made for some interesting scenes and comical jesters as he was now placing it to his nose – where it gave the appearance that it was shoved in and digging for goods.

Everyone was laughing till my mother could not contain her giddiness and had to rush from the room. High fives were shared between Poppy and granddaughter at their accomplishment of sending Nana to the bathroom, and our laughing was brought to hysterics.  After a few minutes when she did not return my younger daughter perked up.

“Yep, must have been a really good one! She’s taking a shower!”

Open Mouth, Insert –

While catching up over lunch, my 16-year-old was becoming frustrated with her Nana who not would let her explain the story without interrupting or interjecting a bit too soon.

Renee: Would you like to tell it?
Nana: (looking apologetic) I’ll eat now.
Kaylie: Not that it will stop you.
Nana: (with her mouth full) She’s right.