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Alone VS lonely

My husband has taken off for the mountains for a couple of days and I have the house to myself, well sort of- if you don’t count the dog. It’s given me time to reflect on the differences of being alone and being lonely.

Currently I’m quite comfortable with being alone and my Mind has also been content to let me have some time to think things out without over complicating it. I’ve have started to think about self publishing and more writing.

All of this I have done on my own because I was ready to be alone. Doesn’t make much sense but try to understand my babbling. There is nothing more hollow than feeling lonely than when you are surrounded, compared to the peace you feel when content with yourself when alone.

I have felt the loneliness screaming from me over the past few months, I’m not sure who it was calling to. Was it trying to find companionship, peace of mind or willpower? Nevertheless I am alone but not lonely.

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OCD overload

I’m pretty sure that I get obsessive compulsive about order because of the lack of it in my Mind. I figure if I can organize everything around me then my Mind will naturally fall in line. Dirk likes it when I’m like this- to a point- as long as I eventually clean up my piles and don’t spend too much money on containing it. lol 😂