30 years ago I saw an unknown boy sitting in the front row of our church- at the time I was 15 and bold- after church was over I promptly went up and introduced myself, welcoming him to our small valley and invited him to our upcoming celebrations, including a personal horseback ride. By the time the Forth of July was over I had a new pen pal and admirer.

5 years later after many letters, dates and long conversations we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. That was 25 years ago- it has not been easy- but because we love each other and want to understand each other we have continued to grow closer.

I love you honey- Happy Anniversary!

To my imposter

Recently we discovered that a claim had been made on our insurance – or more accurately I had made. The elaborate story that was told involves me and a rental truck – that I didn’t know how to drive – all in Las Vegas with my daughter.

It was rude to make a false claim and to lie but did you have to insult me too – can’t drive a truck my #%%!

Don’t hold anything back

We’ve gone through our regular nightly routine of sink swapping and I’m about to get into bed and a huge belch comes out.

Dirk: Is that how you really feel about it?

Me: Yea. That pretty much sums it up.

Dirk: Do you have any more you need to say?

Me: No I’m good. Got it all out and in the open.

How the Monday started

I’ve been hearing a lot of things that aren’t actually happening – thanks to my overactive Mind and anxiety. So when the doorbell went off earlier yesterday morning, I wasn’t to sure if I was dreaming. Then there was pounding, which set the dogs off – now I knew I was awake. I was on my way down the stairs when the doorbell rang again but when I opened it – no one was there!

I started to freak out – the dogs though were still acting like there was something out there – was I hearing things or were the dogs ? Either way the odds didn’t look good.

I called out “Hello?”

Footsteps could be heard out of sight on the frosty driveway. Then a man appeared. “Oh, you are home.”

I released the hounds.

The unsettled man is now trying to explain while two dogs sniff him over. “I’m from the power company, your power poll has a piece of malfunctioning equipment that we need to change out. Should only take about fifteen minutes.”

At this point I’m just glad it’s real.

You again!?!

When I was sixteen I was involved in many school activities that had me burning the candle at both ends. After many early mornings, lunches without meals, late nights and extra practices my body began to break down. First I lost a lot of weight, then my knee went out and to add insult to injury I found three grey hairs.

That was twenty-nine years ago, and guess what I just found?

Things that go bump

While scrolling through funny memes I was reminded of an event that happened when I was a teenager- my parents had taken me to see Phantom of the Opera for my graduation present, and I had picked up a shirt with the phantoms mask – I was so excited to wear it to school the next day that I had laid it over a chair so the design wouldn’t crease before going to bed.

In the middle of the night I woke up – rolled over and found myself staring into a pale face! Many thoughts ran through my head – had someone broken into the house, was I going to be kidnaped, what could I grab to defend myself, could I at least put on clothes – and that’s when I realized I was looking at my new shirt. The mask part was glowing and it looked like someone was looking at me in the moonlight. 

I don’t leave that shirt out at night anymore.