Illustrator Wanted

I can do graphics but illustrations are beyond me. I’m trying to put a visual perspective on my bipolar mind and have lots of storyboard ideas for Webtoons but for the life of me I can’t draw a character! Grrr

Serious inquiries can email me – I’m willing to share credit and pay (within reason).

Story from the past

“What is sex?” Kaylie our oldest asked my husband.

Dirk concern about what to say gave his best explanation to our then young daughter – appropriate for her age and hoped that she didn’t have anymore questions.

Kaylie looked confused. “Well we had to fill out a form at school- how does the “M” or “F” fit in?”

Needless to say Dirk had a whole lot of explaining to do – mostly as to why he was beet red.

Hold your judgment

Many of you who read this blog are suffering from either mental or health issues and find common ground with me. I appreciate your support and though I have not been able to directly give you encouragement when you may have needed it I want you to know that I think about you every night. I’m not posting just for me but also for you. I hope to be an inspiration or a place of humor when you need it. We don’t go through things the same way nor do we experience it the same but we all have felt the struggle. I don’t hold it against you when you don’t “like” what I posted- it just means I have experienced different from you or I haven’t expressed it well enough.