What do they want

My latest freak out is over our county’s fair – I want to enter into the photography contest but my luck has not been very good in the past years. Photos that have done excellent in other contest have no impact at the fair. I keep wondering what I’m doing wrong or just what are they are looking for. I can’t stand not knowing – is it a popularity contest, is it personal preference, what?!!

OCD overload

I’m pretty sure that I get obsessive compulsive about order because of the lack of it in my Mind. I figure if I can organize everything around me then my Mind will naturally fall in line. Dirk likes it when I’m like this- to a point- as long as I eventually clean up my piles and don’t spend too much money on containing it. lol 😂

Home improvement

Since my health has taken a front seat to everything our five acres have become wild and unruly- that includes our house. I’m slowly gaining control which is helping my OCD. It’s almost freeing to organize and deep clean everything! Yes – the manic mood has set in and now my body has to try and keep up. I’m still going to bed sore and worn out but now I feel like it’s worth it.