You be the judge

I’ve narrowed my selections down to six photos. There are two contests- one is ‘anything goes’ (allowed 2 entries) and the other is “Life in Box Elder County” (only 1 entry). For life in my county I am deciding between two.

1. The Silage Truck

2. She Got Her Fish

Both of these are also illegible for the ‘anything goes’. Here are the other four I have picked out for the fair.

3. Got Mud?

4. Yosemite River

5. Tiny Raptor aka Blue

6. Rees Park Pond

What do they want

My latest freak out is over our county’s fair – I want to enter into the photography contest but my luck has not been very good in the past years. Photos that have done excellent in other contest have no impact at the fair. I keep wondering what I’m doing wrong or just what are they are looking for. I can’t stand not knowing – is it a popularity contest, is it personal preference, what?!!


30 years ago I saw an unknown boy sitting in the front row of our church- at the time I was 15 and bold- after church was over I promptly went up and introduced myself, welcoming him to our small valley and invited him to our upcoming celebrations, including a personal horseback ride. By the time the Forth of July was over I had a new pen pal and admirer.

5 years later after many letters, dates and long conversations we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. That was 25 years ago- it has not been easy- but because we love each other and want to understand each other we have continued to grow closer.

I love you honey- Happy Anniversary!

Vacation day 3

Strolled around the lake today. Discovered that Kaylie is a butterfly magnet.

Also checked out some local waterfalls.

And the giant sequoias- it was a shame that a fire had burned down parts of the forest.

If it wasn’t for the blood sucking wildlife I might have been able to enjoy more of the local fauna.

Overall an enjoyable day!