Vacation day 3

Strolled around the lake today. Discovered that Kaylie is a butterfly magnet.

Also checked out some local waterfalls.

And the giant sequoias- it was a shame that a fire had burned down parts of the forest.

If it wasn’t for the blood sucking wildlife I might have been able to enjoy more of the local fauna.

Overall an enjoyable day!

Vacation day 2

Started with a great breakfast at Black Bear Diner- Cinnamon roll French toast!

After that all I needed was a few snacks through out the day to keep me going. Of course Del Taco fries was on the menu.

Arrived at our “cabins” at Bass Lake early evening.

Unpacked and went shopping so we won’t starve tomorrow- that’s if we have the energy to move. lol It is a vacation after all- might want to stay in bed all day!

Don’t count your chickens

We had given up on our three oldest hens for egg production- thus the reason for the new flock of birds – however we have noticed that they have been congregating on my friend’s trailer stoop – making and awful racket, and disappearing under the trailer. So we pulled back the hay bales … a dozen eggs! I wouldn’t mind more chicks.(wink)

Muscle relaxer

Had an adventure yesterday – thus the reason for not posting last night.

It all started while watching my horses basking in the sun – Mousse, our big paint mare was done warming her belly and decided to roll over to get her backside. Unfortunately, she was to close to the fence and got her big feet and legs stuck. The rest of my horses plus the neighbor’s horses all rush to her side. At first, they looked concerned but then they began to pick at her almost as if they were teasing- haha you got yourself stuck.

So out I trudged past the mud to her rescue in an attempt to set her free from her hecklers and shackles. I was able to chase away the peanut gallery but could not free her by myself so called for backup. So now there are to invalids try to move a one-ton horse. After some fence cutting, leg wrangling and heavy rolling me and Kar were out of commission for the rest of the day!

The photo is for reference- Chaser, Misty, Mousse (Blue Mousse – the gentle giant)