I’m not a big political follower- it stresses me out too much, but can someone please explain why in today’s society where tolerance is being slammed at us – that if you express your point of view of a situation- how is it that you are call intolerant? We are being told we have to think/do it one way – how is that not hypocritical? Can we not learn from each other’s experiences and understand that not all of us are alike- one size does not fit all.

That goes for medication too – just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for the next.

Th horse before the cart

Tonight we went to a city planning commission meeting for an open forum concerning a new reception center. I learned a lot about my neighbors- most I was aware of but some behaviors surprised me. What amazed me the most was that even though this “new neighbor” had not moved into the neighborhood, they had managed to annoy everyone around them with just the talk of the reception center. Everyone’s honest concerns of safety, or environmental impact didn’t even faze the would be owners. How could someone with that much opposition be so single minded. 

If it was my business that I was trying to start- first I would have talked to my neighbors about my idea to see if it would have been well received before even taking it to a planning committee. 

So-Called Marriage

There has been a lot of debate on the sanctity of marriage lately, and in our conversations, we were discussing just how far society would let it go. If one state – which I will not acknowledge – will still allow daughters to marry their fathers what is to keep people from tying the knot with their pets.

Dirk: But my cat loves me, and I love him. We can’t live without each other.
Me: You know the problem with that, no true cat lover has one cat.
Dirk: So polygamy?
Me: No, purr-lygamy.


As an American, I have many freedoms that have influenced my life. It was the freedom of love that brought my parents together and the freedom of religion that allowed them to become members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Because of those rights, I was sealed to my parents at the age of five and have the privilege of retaining those sacred memories. It was the freedom of choice that allowed them to move from California to Utah and the right to equal opportunity for all which enabled us to have comfortable shelter, food, and jobs.

Keep in mind that comfort is not always convenience as I was raised with no plumbing and an outhouse for eight years while living in a two car garage. Well, it was more of a carport.

The small community I grew up in had no gas pumps, schools or grocery stores. All luxuries were obtained in town, down a narrow two lane river road through a winding red canyon. River Road – meaning black ice in the winter, flooding over after spring thaws, dysfunctional tourist and spandex speed bumps throughout the summer.

It was an adventure, and it all made me feel close to the early explorers and settlers that built this great nation. Sometimes I would feel a little like a savage in the summers when other countries would invade the small town of Moab, but I learned to share what this land has to offer. Becoming grateful for what God had blessed me with and proud in this nation’s beautiful scenic majesties.

America is a land filled with many possibilities – Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and Virtue. Because I followed those possibilities, I am here today.

If I could impress upon you anything today, it would be – Be Appreciative.

We have a great nation with so many freedoms and choices that sometimes we mistake as an entitlement. Remember that our ancestors fought both for our real freedom as well as our religious rights and we must fight too. The oppression is not the same but is ever present.  I bow my head in acknowledgment to the trails that have been and are yet to come – they have made me who I am.  If I can live through these next trials, then I will become a better person for it.

Many Tics

Some campaigns ago as debates were heating up, I became thoroughly distraught at the possible outcome, and while my good humor usually has a witty comeback, my remark surprised my husband when he asked what I would do if the election turned out less favorable.

Me: Become an assassin. *sticks out tongue*

He didn’t get too worried until after November when I started getting interested in throwing knives. *smirk*

After some years, we were remarking on the new elections when my husband reminded me of the past conversation.

Dirk: You haven’t done your duty yet.
Me: You still haven’t bought me my throwing knives.

Any Last Words

As any twisted person, I contemplate dying and what I would say to loved ones – or any nearby person – right before I die to mess with their heads.

-Death before taxes

-Can you hear my heart beat?

-I bet you want to know where I hid –

-Come closer I have something to tell *long drawn out pause*  BOO!


– *While staring above everyone’s heads* Couldn’t you have picked me up in the chariot?

– *While staring at the foot of the bed* What do you mean horns? I ordered a halo!

And my favorite

-Oh one last breath *gasp*, oh give me *gasp* one last *gas-*