To my imposter

Recently we discovered that a claim had been made on our insurance – or more accurately I had made. The elaborate story that was told involves me and a rental truck – that I didn’t know how to drive – all in Las Vegas with my daughter.

It was rude to make a false claim and to lie but did you have to insult me too – can’t drive a truck my #%%!

Cost of Inflation

When I was growing up my dad liked to say he had a five cents solution for most problems, but back then most of our problems could be put out of its misery without worrying about cost replacement. Today my problems are mostly focused around technology and as much as I would love to shoot it – not only would it’s cost to replace but it now a bullet is over a buck- unless I want to make my own and I don’t have the patience for that. Not to mention I would really like to shoot my computer more than once.


We took our truck into another dealership tone looked at and they have had it for three days – all they can tell us is there is a problem but they can’t pinpoint where it is yet. Thankfully they are checking one thing off at a time and not just jumping in and trying to replace everything – unlike the other service department.

Hello, customer service?

Today I went to the dealership because our truck was acting up and was surprised to have the nameless manager (he refused to wear his name tag because it was bothersome- his words) actually badmouth the vehicles he works on. He actually called them crap. Obviously this manager doesn’t like his job or the vehicles he works on. I refuse to take my truck to a place that doesn’t want to work on it.

I also the company know about their so called representatives. They really didn’t know who they were messing with.

IT sucks

If anyone knows of an easy, free editing program for iPad, with royalty free music please let me know. I just spent all day trying to create two sixty seconds videos for the barn. (Or if you know a way to download royalty free music.) 

If I wasn’t so dependent on my technology I would have thrown it out into my pasture and let the horses stampede it.