Just don’t

After the wedding yesterday we spent the evening looking for wildlife (we saw 3 bears and 1 elk), watching stars (saw two falling and 1 flash) and overall enjoying the views and company- until I made an inappropriate comment.

Me: You know what make this evening perfect- if we had some lightning. Come on Lord, show me you love and let’s see some lightning!

Dirk: Thou shall not tempt thy Lord thy God.

This all happened before I posted last night and before we settled down into our tent. Note that we are settled over plywood and because of this we didn’t staked it down.

We went to bed about 10:30 and I was about to fall asleep around midnight when a very large thunderstorm moved. I could see the lightning all around us at first it was cool then it started to get closer. Then the wind and rain hit! The wind collapsed our tent on top of us and tried to lift us off the boards! I had to grab the pole and hold it down hoping that the rain fly would stay attached. We struggled for a half hour like that- lightning, thunder, wind and rain beating all around us.

After things settled down a bit I checked the weather for what was to come and lightning strikes. These are all hits within a mile off us.

We only had enough time to check and re-situated before the next barrage hit.

After that Dirk reminded and rebuke me for my earlier comment.

Me: Lord I recognize your love and appreciation it. I have enough now, you can share with others.

Well the lightning dimensioned after that but we still had to deal with thunderstorms till 3am.

What they don’t Know

I have a new calling for the church – Compassionate Service Assistant. Today was my first time serving my calling – providing a luncheon for the family at the funeral. It ended up being most of the day for prep work, serving and clean up but we did have some free time, and I got to learn more about the sisters I now work with. As the day progressed, the ladies began to joke that I was still the newbie and needed to be corrupted.

They have no idea who they are dealing with! lol, But they did learn that I am OCD, as I keep trying to make everything match or even on the tables.

Think How

Lately, my family has been dealing with a problem that concerns the concepts of how we accept and perceive others. The world’s current view is that we must tolerate all and if we don’t then we are considered intolerant and disrespectful. Our own beliefs and principles do not seem to count, in fact having a mind of our own are looked down upon. We should all think one way, act accordingly and get along.

While I do agree we should all get along, I don’t expect anyone to think like me, and unless they are planning to give me a lobotomy, I don’t see how I’m going to think the way they want me to.

So-Called Marriage

There has been a lot of debate on the sanctity of marriage lately, and in our conversations, we were discussing just how far society would let it go. If one state – which I will not acknowledge – will still allow daughters to marry their fathers what is to keep people from tying the knot with their pets.

Dirk: But my cat loves me, and I love him. We can’t live without each other.
Me: You know the problem with that, no true cat lover has one cat.
Dirk: So polygamy?
Me: No, purr-lygamy.