Living in obscurity

Maybe I like the fact that most have never heard of, or know where I live. Yes I know it’s the country and not much goes on here – just how I like it – but it dawned on me that this is not the first place I have lived that has no baring on a map. I’m at peace with my surroundings – even if some moron wants to plow through my fence at three in the morning – or the neighbors dog takes an interest in herding my goats at midnight – I can sleep soundly knowing that my towns name will not be of any interest to reporters, nor will it be headlining the nightly news.

Yard decor

We noticed a horse skeleton at Home Depot and instantly got excited- thinking of the fun we could have not just at Halloween but throughout the year. 

Think about it – there is no way you can store something that big. We would put it out with the rest of the horses and change it’s pose often. Standing, rearing, rolling, sitting like a dog, or on its back – feet strait in the air. So many ways to piss of PETA.