A night to forget

Times have been rounded since I was sort of out of it but this was how crazy my night was.

12:30am – so tired, eyes keep closing while I’m reading. This is my cue that I’m ready to sleep. Turn off iPad and curl up under the sheets cozy. NOPE- my mind goes haywire and starts thinking about marbles and race track ideas. I’m now wide awake and tossing and turning.

1:10am – give up try to make myself fall asleep, start readying again.

2:30am – I’m starting to pass out. Yea! Get comfortable but now my body has turned into a personal barometer letting me know that there is an incoming front. Wide awake again tossing and turning.

3:00am – start readying again to distract me from the pain.

4:10am – That was the last time I remembered seeing before I woke up the next morning.

And the doctor said …

After another sweaty cold sleepless night I decided it was time to go back into the doctor – so sure that he wa going to say it was bronchitis or phenomena. I was in luck – it was only an ear infection.

Which explains the headaches, dizziness, nauseousness and sweating 😅. 

What the?!

So I didn’t post last night- which is weird because my husband and I had this great long discussion about Bipolar symptoms, which I was sure I shared with you – so here I go again- for real.

I’m currently having what I call ‘solar withdrawal’ – since the earth’s tilt is taking my source of power from me. It’s not a full on depression but more of a loss of willpower. I have no motivation, can’t concentrate and I am beginning to sleep more. 

Now we can add forgetfulness.

Pain in the…

Got my teeth cleaned the other day and I was reminded that I needed to wear my mouth guard- since I’ve been so stressed out my teeth have become loose in my gums – cleaning them became very painful. To top off my horrible, hungry day – I couldn’t sleep well – not use to the mouthpiece and woke up with a bad neck crimp and headache. 

Have mercy!

Panic Attacts

It doesn’t take much to set me off and they drain me physically as well as emotionally.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ever become too overwhelmed that I should never be “checked in”. For some reason hospitals, doctor offices and such make me more uncomfortable. If you are going to haul me away might as well do it right and drop me off in a forest. 

My natural instincts kick in and I can survive for days as a hermit. lol