Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

With all the snow we have been getting I was reminded of an event that happened while driving with my daughters on a snowy day.

We were coming home in our Ford Ranger  – Renee sitting in the middle between Kaylie and me on the bench seat – when the truck started to slide. I’m not trying to brag, but I’m a pretty good driver and know how to handle icy conditions but not when someone else takes the wheel!

Renee trying to find a way to stabilize herself grabbed the wheel and sent us spinning till the back tires hit and jumped the curb – high centering us. After the screaming and laughing had subsided, Renee swore she would never drive that truck in snowy weather.

I wonder how that’s coming! Bwahahaha!

What is it

Because I tend to wake up at 4:30 am – out of habit – I will go back to sleep after my husband leaves for work. This allows me a couple of hours rest before Hickory, our infinite puppy finds ways of abruptly waking me up.

Two days before Halloween I was awakened to a behavior I had not seen before, she was whining frantically! Her behavior was just as erratic, not matching any known patterns and it was starting to worry me.

Just what was it that had her so frantic?

I didn’t smell smoke, but then I remembered about the gun hold up we had at the local country shop and began to wonder if all our doors were locked.

Hickory was becoming more impatient as I got dressed and gathered my phone to face what was downstairs. I moved slowly while she rushed to the back door and back to me repetitively while whining at me to hurry up. What I saw when I got to the landing shocked me, it was snowing – Hard – Huge flakes where whipping to the ground in the season’s first snowfall/blizzard!

Hickory was not whining she was squealing with delight! She loves snow! Could no longer contain her excitement that it had returned and wanted to go out and play in it! I tried to record her playing, but my phone was full, but her behavior will always be priceless. Look mama! Snow!

via Daily Prompt: Infinite