Pain in the butt

We have four horses – Chaser, (the daughter) likes to live up to her name and chase the goats, dogs and the other horses – especially her father. The bond between those two is really fun to watch but sometimes she’s just a pill.

As I was watching them the other morning, I saw Chaser returning from the water trough to the food bale – walk right next to her father who was grazing peacefully – she then hip bumped him and sent him stumbling.

She does this often – Talk about having a child that is a literal pain in the butt.

Things that go bump

While scrolling through funny memes I was reminded of an event that happened when I was a teenager- my parents had taken me to see Phantom of the Opera for my graduation present, and I had picked up a shirt with the phantoms mask – I was so excited to wear it to school the next day that I had laid it over a chair so the design wouldn’t crease before going to bed.

In the middle of the night I woke up – rolled over and found myself staring into a pale face! Many thoughts ran through my head – had someone broken into the house, was I going to be kidnaped, what could I grab to defend myself, could I at least put on clothes – and that’s when I realized I was looking at my new shirt. The mask part was glowing and it looked like someone was looking at me in the moonlight. 

I don’t leave that shirt out at night anymore.

You dog!

Today was full of excitement- must be the full moon- but I’m only going to tell you one story that happened.

My oldest is now living with us again and had a short work schedule so I allowed one of her dogs to stay home with my two. Percy, the tall -toothless- white borzoi is a good boy for the most part but I have had problems with him running into the highway  or off to the DWR property behind our neighbors house so when I heard horns blaring this morning I panic. I was afraid one of the dogs was in the road but I found all three dogs laying in the living room.

I relaxed and returned to making my breakfast. Toasted banana bread with butter. I had just replaced the butter when I heard more honking and braking tires. This was not good. I noticed that my neighbor’s cow from across the street had gotten free and was playing frogger with the morning traffic. I dropped everything and rushed out to take care of it- which was fairly easier than we thought it would be.

When I returned into the house I was greeted by an unexpected sight. Druid was laying in the living room licking the carpet crazily, Hickory was sniffing around, and Percy was standing in the kitchen looking guilty. Instantly I thought I had lost my breakfast to the three opportunist but the bread was still sitting on the counter. What was missing? The stick of butter – and when I tried to replace it – the culprit stepped forward and drooled for more!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised- his mother liked to do the same thing. (aka- my oldest daughter)

I remembered 

It wasn’t right off that it came to me but halfway through the day.

Yesterday morning Dirk made a great breakfast and asked me if I like the pancakes just as I was about to burp. It wasn’t demure- but a long winded bellow.

Me: No, that’s not what I meant- they were really good!

Dirk: You had me at the belch.

Do I have a story

Today was definitely not boring. I had the pleasure of reporting four idiots and watching them be ticketed.

About two weeks ago our mountain side burned down due to idiots target practicing on DWR land- a fire I documented and had the privilege of one of my pictures being featured on the front page of the local newspaper. Today I heard some gun shots and noticed that the shooters were not in the burnt area so I decided to take a closer look with my telescope- what I saw disturbed me.

Two men were shooting high power rifles and drinking. I called dispatch and proceeded to record with my phone through the scope the morons shooting out of the back of their truck into the unburnt grass- pretty much in the same area the fire started. Only that the only way it could burn now was directly towards all the homes and me. 

First on the scene was Highway Patrol on his motorcycle, then one county sheriff and then another. I really enjoyed watching them be handed tickets and being escorted off the property.

That alone made my day, but there was more. A few hours later- right after I had told my husband the story- we noticed two vehicles pull into the DWR property. At least these guys had the brains to practice in the burnt area, or so we thought- until we saw them pull out a microwave and high powered gun. Guess who I called?

This time DWR was going out and asked us to keep in touch if anything happened as they were coming from a distance- about the time he got to my house – the microwave blew up! They had put a binary explosive target in it! That poor officer had to stay up there for the longest time while they picked up every piece of that unit, but he did have plenty of time to write up their tickets.


I have bronchitis. I haven’t been able to sleep well at night because I can’t breathe and during the day I keep passing out from exhaustion. 

As we were heading out for our family dinner I blacked out for a second and ended up on the floor. 

Dirk and the girls keep reminding me to breathe. Very funny guys. 

I’m getting published!

For those of you who checked into my Instagram – you might have noticed that we had a fire in our backyard. I sat and documenting the whole thing from my bedroom window. The county newspaper found one of my pictures on Facebook and asked to use it on the front page.  Here is a sneak peek.