How hot was it

How the heat has effected our place.

The dogs – only go out to do business and then promptly retreat back into the house and onto the vents.

The chickens – when brought snacks will pick them up and run back to the shade; under the deck, in the pine tree, the broken sprinkler, and only come out for brief moments for substance.

The humans – only go outside when needed and when we do sweat off 10 pounds but quickly replace it with 10 gallons of liquid apron our returning indoors to rehydrate!

Road Trip – day 2

I have done things – things that I have not done in ages – things that I had to pay for – but it was worth it.

We got to go 4 wheeling in places that didn’t have phone coverage but I got pictures that I will share soon. I even got to drive. Mostly to show-up my uncle who didn’t think I could do it. I would like to see him do as good a job getting a F350 where I did today. The sun felt wonderful – it was much needed for my depression but was a little too much for my eyes. I ended up with a migraine at the end of the day.

Check out my Instagram for more pictures

What the?!

So I didn’t post last night- which is weird because my husband and I had this great long discussion about Bipolar symptoms, which I was sure I shared with you – so here I go again- for real.

I’m currently having what I call ‘solar withdrawal’ – since the earth’s tilt is taking my source of power from me. It’s not a full on depression but more of a loss of willpower. I have no motivation, can’t concentrate and I am beginning to sleep more. 

Now we can add forgetfulness.