Think on it

I’m getting ready to expand my blog. The videos I posted were a trial run for me to get over the nervousness. Believe it or not I use to be really out going- that’s how I got my man lol. Now a days getting out of bed is hard but I still try to be social by interacting with others while I play games or I’m on social media, but even on there I get anxiety and want to hide away.

So the question is – Do you find that it’s easier to interact with people one on one in person or can you let it all hang out when you are hidden behind a screen?

I can honestly say I’m more of a one on one, but look out – I don’t hold back on the sass.

Going Pro

I got my iPad Pro yesterday – I’m loving and struggling with it. Learning how to use the pen in the art apps is almost to much for my brain – I keep wondering if I could have picked it up faster when I was younger.

I just realized I can still remember the dial tone when I use to connect to the internet – I guess I’m pretty advanced now! I’m so old! lol

Hey Siri

My husband decided to set up his Siri tonight which prompted us to try and get our two phones to talk to each other. Didn’t work but the technology was evolving – at first it couldn’t pronounce Dirk’s name, our city of Honeyville or knew who certain contacts were. In twenty minutes it almost had Dirk and Honeyville down and was able to contact family with simple commands… I swear if we had another hour we could have had them talking to each other.

Is that safe?

Cost of Inflation

When I was growing up my dad liked to say he had a five cents solution for most problems, but back then most of our problems could be put out of its misery without worrying about cost replacement. Today my problems are mostly focused around technology and as much as I would love to shoot it – not only would it’s cost to replace but it now a bullet is over a buck- unless I want to make my own and I don’t have the patience for that. Not to mention I would really like to shoot my computer more than once.