This is cursed

I have a bad reaction to people who curse constantly- I shun them. I’m not offended by their lack of verbal communication skills but the fact that it reminds me of my darker side. I curse like a sailor when depressed but I don’t make people listen to it. Having to hear people curse when I’m trying to watch a documentary and their cursing gets to be more the focus than the information I’m trying to learn just makes me frustrated. I want to be enlightened not reminded of my shortcomings.

Please no spoilers

I’ve started watching Downton Abby and find myself pulled into the time. My old fashion ideas would fit nicely there but I’m afraid that like so many women I would not have survived childbirth. If my childhood had allowed me to even get to that age – medicines and the practices of the time could not have saved me and I know that during that era many were without the understanding of mental illness as we know it today. Think how much has changed in the last 100 year.

(I’m only on season 4 so don’t tell me how it ends.)

My Mind

My husband and I have been enjoying the show Colony on Netflix and it has lead to some interesting discussions – tonight’s was on weather I would fight for my survival.

After a brief stare down with Dirk he replied, “oh course you’re a fighter- what am I’m thinking.”

My Mind: This is why you never see aliens try to take over a physc ward – they would never last against us.