Camping part 4

We could have stayed longer if we had not lost our food, fishing equipment and patience with sleeping in the horse trailer. We didn’t want to push our luck and we wanted to have time to replace our equipment and still get some fishing in. For those of you have been keeping up on this blog you know how that turned out! For the last Facebook Camping Vlog click here.

Here is me and the dogs soaking in the morning sun.

Interesting man we found lurking in the forest.

Although the sunset was pretty we left here very gum-smacked and unsure if we would come back. On careful consideration we have decided – Challenge Excepted! We will be back for that fish!


Our camping trip was like my bipolar episodes- up, down, and all over the place! I’ve already shared some good moments on Instagram and have posted the “First Night Vlog” on Facebook.

Getting their had me having meltdowns at every store we stop in but you can tell by that evening that I’m very comfortable with being a hermit in the mountains. lol