At the end

Although it’s actually another day I’m still going to post because it’s the end of my day- and what a day it was!

Found our septic tank – had to remove most of the deck but it has never been leveler! lol 😂

The previous owners had actually poured the footings of the deck right on top of the tank! We were lucky enough to get it pumped today and discovered that it was very full but not overflowing. Dodged a stink bomb there! Just so you know septic tanks should be pumped at least every ten years. Our house is twenty-seven years old and had never been done. 😱

OCD overload

I’m pretty sure that I get obsessive compulsive about order because of the lack of it in my Mind. I figure if I can organize everything around me then my Mind will naturally fall in line. Dirk likes it when I’m like this- to a point- as long as I eventually clean up my piles and don’t spend too much money on containing it. lol 😂

Lingering Dread

An event happened about two years ago between me and another individual that could have been handled better with communication. I felt bullied and accused of “taking advantage of the situation”. I understand the other persons point of view and I can see how they may have felt that way and I thought we could work well together but they never treated me with respect or gave me the dignity of a proper conversation- I always had to have my husband around.

Even now years later I still have anxiety around this person- I have tried to be polite and friendly but can never talk to them about anything more than the weather. I don’t have a need to be liked by everyone (not everyone is compatible) but I would like to not go into panic mode or have an anxiety attack around people I’m not compatible with. Is that to much to ask?

10% smarter

My dad taught me that you just need to be 10% smarter than any problem and I took it to heart today as the horses ran out of food and our neighbors tractor was out of commission. There was a third of a ton bale left so I tied up the strings took a winch and pulled it down off the pile onto a tarp. Then hooked up the tarp and dragged the whole thing out to the horses. Fast food! lol