Zombie theories

Dirk and I were discussing the latest zombie thread on Facebook – you are being attacked and the first thing you grab to your right is your weapon, can you survive?

I grabbed my Apple Pencil- all ready to stab anything that comes close. Dirk grabs a bottle of olive oil.

Me:*bust up laughing *

Dirk: Maybe I can pour it on the floor and hope for a quick escape.

Me: Or maybe you can poor it over yourself and become a greased pig that they can’t catch.


Housekeeper willing to clean up after 4 dogs, a zombie, a lazy artist and workaholic.

The zombie is allergic to all chemicals and two of the dogs are afraid of vacuums. The workaholic only comes home to eat and the artist stays behind a screen most of the time.

This sounds like a good story premise. lol

Oh- It’s a full moon

So tonight my husband took me out to eat at a local diner and in the six miles we drove we were passed three times!  Trust me – we were not speeding or Sunday driving and there was no reason for the lunatics to be in such a rush – no zombies or atom bombs were chasing us.

After dinner, we were greeted by the full moon coming over the mountains. It suddenly clicked as to why the crazies were out.

Open Story Idea

SETUP: I’m craving sun and imagining a solar flare clearing out this foul weather.

MY MIND: What would happen if zombies were given super powers during a solar flair or reverted to some sense of a normal state.
ME: Where did zombies come from – other than I’m feeling like one. I wonder what kind of power I’d have.
MY MIND: This would make a good story.
ME: I don’t have time for that – someone else can have it.